News · 15/09/2021

Hublot - Spirit of Big Bang Gold Crystal

When Hublot Gold sets the tone and rewrites the rules, the result is pure alchemy.

It is often said that what nature creates cannot be reproduced because natural processes require both time and complexity beyond the realm of human endeavor. Once again, Hublot has made the impossible possible by transforming gold into its rarest and most exclusive form: gold crystal. This form of gold is unique in that it is impossible to reproduce two identical gold crystals. Beyond the fascination that gold has exerted on people since the beginning of time, it embodies everything that makes Hublot so distinctive: materials, minerals, metals; their merging and their transformation into new forms of expression, unique and completely unexpected. An alchemy that is expressed both in the transformation of the raw material and in the chemistry created by the spirit of the watch itself. This is the spirit of Big Bang Gold Crystal.