News · 07/12/2018

Wellendorff The Word`s "softest Necklace" - Pure Delight

An icon for four generations: Which Wellendorff rope would you choose? The classic Wellendorff rope, the shiny BRILLIANCE OF THE SUN, the soft and supple SILKEN DELIGHT, or the simply elegant PURE DELIGHT? It doesn’t matter which you decide on, for if you are wearing a Wellendorff rope, you are wearing the world’s softest necklace.

The new necklace, Pure Delight, marks the arrival of the fourth generation of this jewellery icon. The result – both traditional and seductive – can be seen as well as felt: With its new facetted strands made from 18-karat gold, it adds a totally new formal language to the collection, while making sure that the Wellendorff DNA is still immediately recognisable. The design has a very modern simplicity and playful lightness, for a timeless piece of jewellery which can be worn every day. The necklace comprises three gold strands in a linear silky-soft shimmer, thanks to its facets. Understated yet striking, this necklace lies perfectly around the wearer’s neck and can be worn with a naturalness that will enhance any look. Like all Wellendorff jewellery, this new generation of rope is crowned with a Diamond-W that stands for perfection, precision and a passion for detail.