News · 22/04/2023

Wellendorff - Wahre.Freude

Wellendorff is celebrating 130 years of Wellendorff with us/you and would like to take us on a journey. Imagine standing on top of a mountain and admiring the impressive panorama. Or you can sit by the sea and let the sun warm you up while the waves lap the beach.

Wellendorff would like to capture such unforgettable moments of happiness and beautiful memories with us/you. And what better way to do that as goldsmiths than with special pieces of jewellery? The moments of happiness Wellendorff dedicates to the anniversary collection WAHRE JOY. A set of rings, a bracelet, a necklace and earrings inspired by the beauty of nature. Eight new bright colors, sparkling diamonds and warm 18-carat yellow gold express the special message and ensure pure emotion.

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