News · 10/04/2019

Wellendorff ring PREFACE

Rotatable ring in white gold with guard angel engraving, Wellendorff cold enamel in different shades of blue and several diamonds.

Embedded in 18ct gold, the purest diamonds sparkle alive in the interplay of iridescent colors. The different types of diamonds, brilliant pavé and rubbed diamonds in alternation, creates a skilful mix of styles that creates something new great. This daring mix of shapes and colors is perfected by the combination of the timeless classic diamond ring with romantic gold cords. Shaped into a fascinating entity that stands for all facets of life and love, it also reveals the dedication of the goldsmiths in the creation of this gem. In line with the philosophy of the jewelry manufacturer Wellendorff, out of love. The best. to accomplish. Limited to only 126 special women worldwide and signed with the exclusive trademark of the family business, the Brillant-W. The symbol of goldsmithing par excellence, made in Germany.