Tamara Comolli founded a manufactory in Rottach-Egern by Lake Tegernsee. She first became known in America with her Curriculum Vitae ring. Tamara Comolli designs jewellery that reflects her own sporty chic.

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With a passion for gemstones, TAMARA COMOLLI brings color to the world of fine jewelry. Our MIKADO collection is the most vibrant of all. More than thirty different, cabochon-cut gemstones shine in myriad colors and with the unmistakable shape we lovingly refer to as the “Acorn." They are playful, they are versatile and they tempt to collect! 

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These rings perfectly round up the Color Stories. Available in two sizes, stackable for any sensation and also with diamond pavé! Many gemstones are available. Choose an ensemble to match your pendants. Two ring dimensions allow endless variations, and Diamond pavé adds just the right amount of sparkle!

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Within the TAMARA COMOLLI range, the INDIA collection is certainly one of the coolest and most popular. Our INDIA bracelets in luxurious wood and rare materials like coral and turquoise, or our INDIA leaf pendants in so many colors, are the epitome of Bohemian chic and fully embody the brand promise, Casual Luxury. Designer Tamara Comolli found inspiration for the INDIA collection while traveling to exotic countries.

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Tamara Comolli grew up near beaches and a lake, so water was always important to her - the ocean, the feeling of vacation and being on a beach or near water. The collection that mainly features the drop symbol is called SIGNATURE. Part of the SIGNATURE collection are the iconic SIGNATURE rings, bracelets, pendants or earrings. The latest additions are the SIGNATURE WAVE rings and the SIGNATURE Talisman bracelets and pendants.

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An answer to the trend of ornamental patterns, we creates the PAISLEY Drop, which is elaborate and baroque. The PAISLEY Collection includes PAISLEY Drop studs, chandelier earrings and ornamental pendants in your favorite Color Stories.

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The colorful Gypsy jewelery tells stories of wanderlust, thoughts of freedom and the love of beautiful things that make life more exciting. Gypsy attracts attention and takes us into a world full of joie de vivre and real moments of happiness.

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xThe COCONUT collection exudes passion, luminosity & liveliness. Discover them in our ZEGG Watches & Jewelery in Samnaun.

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Curriculum Vitae

The ring! A masterpiece of craftsmanship and utmost precision. Princess-cut diamonds or sapphires glide gently over the finger and symbolize the path of life. Just like life, this design is full of surprises.

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