In 1893, Ernst Alexander Wellendorff founded the jewelery factory and created jewelery for the European royal family. Today, the fourth generation of the company is run by the Wellendorff family - much has changed in over one hundred years since its founding - the claim to first-class quality and exceptional design has remained. The Wellendorff family does not follow the fashionable moods but "true values" with passion and consistency.

"Take only the best of everything, gold and diamonds, the best goldsmiths, the best tools and you create the best jewelry for the finest jewelry lovers in the world."
Ernst Alexander Wellendorff, 1893

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The magic rings are another unmistakable Wellendorff feature. A very special charm for the wearer is, in addition to the cold enamel color, the velvety soft and playful turning of the rings. In order to achieve this unique turning, maximum precision and technical know-how are required. The tolerances for the goldsmiths are in the range of a few hundredths of a millimeter. Each Wellendorff ring consists of at least four individual rings that are firmly connected to one another, but can still move freely. If you believe an old fairy tale, the wearer should be granted a wish after turning it three times.

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In our Wellendorff cord, 18-karat gold is as soft and soft as silk - thanks to a technique developed over 40 years ago by Hanspeter Wellendorff. In the process, a necklace is wound by hand from wafer-thin gold wire in many work steps. As light and supple as a touch of silk, the Wellendorff cord is the brand's best-known jewel and fascinates by its combination of apparent opposites. In it, the hard metal is soft as silk.

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Cuddly on your wrist: As multifaceted as their wearer, our bracelets are characterized by restrained nonchalance and a brilliant play of gold and diamonds.

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The secret of the Wellendorff earrings is that they can be adapted to any style.

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The loving completion of the Wellendorff cord with colorful, brilliant-set discs enhance the shine of your necklace.

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Elegance in perfection: a precious topaz ground into the amulet, in the middle of which a flawless quarter-carat diamond seems to hover, thanks to its sophisticated frame.

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